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Luana Sandoval

Singer & Belly Dancer

Luana Sandoval was born in Saarburg (Rhineland Palatinate) in Germany. Since the age of five she sings and dances.

Vocal training in Germany:

2011 - 2015 classical singing with opera singer Vera Ilieva in Trier

2012 - 2016 classical singing with Prof. Yaron Windmüller in Saarbrücken

2015 - 2016 jazz/pop/rock singing with vocal coach Ingrid Schwarz in Saarbrücken

Vocal training in Bulgaria:

In February and July 2015 Luana took vocal lessons with opera singer Prof. Ivanka Ninova to be specialize in the Bulgarian
technique of singing. She also visited the National Academy of Music Prof. Pancho Vladigerov in Sofia and observed vocal lessons with other students. In August 2015 she took vocal lessons with Bulgarian folk singer Ivelina Dimova and learned folk songs from different regions in Bulgaria. This was part of her bachelor's thesis.

Vocal training in New York:

In January and February 2017 she took vocal lessons with vocal coach Katie Agresta in Manhattan. Her intention was to prepare her classical trained voice for musical theatre. Luana managed to reduce her overtones within six lessons which is impressive for the short time. 
Furthermore she attended an intensive musical theatre training with the Hamilton Cast at WERK WITH BWAY. Her master schedule included classes like pop/rock repertoire with Shayna Steele, acting the song with Gregory Treco, dance with Thayne Jasperson, audition technique with Jamibeth Margolis, music rehearsal with Ian Weinberger and a final audition with the Hamilton cast director Cesar Rocha

  • Engagements:

  • In March 2012  Luana Sandoval sang the part of princess Rosemarie in the children opera 'Der gestiefelte Kater'. The music was 
  • composed by her vocal teacher Vera Ilieva who also was the musical director as well as the director.

  • In September 2013 she had an engagement for the part of Maria Valdez in the musical 
  • 'Z-The Musical of Zorro' by Robert W. Cabell in Merzig. It was the second debut performance in Europe and the composer
  • Robert W. Cabell came from Seattle and enjoyed the show himself. 

  • In June 2014 she stood in for a soloist of the  Theater Trier and sang the aria 'Habanera' by Georges Bizet at the annual orchestra festival together with  the Philharmonic Orchestra of Trier in the theatre.

In October 2014 she sang the part of Mère Jeanne in the opera 'Dialogues des Carmélites' by Francis Poulenc. This production was a cooperation between the university of music Saar and the State Theater Saarbrücken.

In May 2015 she sang the part of Anton/Pluto in the opera 'Der bekehrte Trunkenbold' (L'ivrogne corrigé) by Christoph Willibald Gluck. This was a production of the Karl-Berg-Musikschule Trier. Musical director and director was Vera Ilieva and the orchestra conductor was Joachim Mayer-Ullmann.

Dance education:

1997 - 2003 ballet with Laurence Souc

2004 - 2007 jazz dance with Linda Scholz

2009 - 2016 oriental dance with Fatima Serin

January 2017 - February 2017 contemporary Jazz with Salim Gauwloos


Luana Sandoval already had numerous performances in Luxembourg and Trier. She danced at persian weddings, birthdays and at the great event 'Brot und Spiele 2012' where the german actrice Katy Karrenbauer was involved too.
Recently she was booked by the italian restaurant 'Porta Nova' in Luxembourg, where she danced at the persian night,
the New Year's Eve Party and the oriental night.